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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stay tuned and sister blog

This blog has been very silent for the past few months. I did not want to post entries that would be too early for the CCIEW v2.0, and too late for the ones rushing to take the exam before the change.
But stay tuned! I will soon start re-posting new entries, this time entirely focused on CCIEW v2.0. With the zillions of questions I received so far, there seem to be tons of gotchas in this new exam.
I will also restart posting videos on the youtube channel soon.
Also, I received over the last few months many questions related to wireless, but not directly to the CCIE exam. To make things simple, I created a sister blog, where  I will post entries that will give you the background you may need to understand the "why" (and not the "how") of some configuration items present on the Cisco wireless solution. This sister blog is here: http://expertwireless2be.blogspot.com/


  1. Hmm, not quite sure if it is necessary for a sister blog but good nonetheless. You're very informative.

  2. Good to see - I'll keep reading and be on the lookout for future content for this!

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