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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lab version 2

Here it is! After months of rumors and non-disclosure secrets, the new CCIE W lab is anounced:

Key takeaways:
-the new version of the lab starts from November 18th 2011

- It is built on code v7.0 MR1, which adds to the lab MSE (wIPS and CAS), CleanAir, VideoStream, OfficeExtend, bandselect, and mesh.

If you have been working on the current version of the lab, this may look like scary news, but be aware that the core knowledge remains the same, you just need to get used to a slightly different WLC and WCS interface, with a couple more options available to configure. The new items listed are not that bad.
At the time of this post, the lab details (hardware and software) is not released yet, but I would bet for Autonomous IOS code 12.4, which will add a couple of minor new possibilities, and they will probably move away from ACS 4.2 to prefer a newer version, which implies finding your way back through the new menus...
I intend to start posting videos on this new lab during the summer! In between, some advice:
- If you were already planning to take the lab before November and it is not your first attempt, keep doing it, but do not rush! People who rush to take a lab before an exam change often are not ready enough to pass... and they won't give away the old version just because there is a new one coming. Only rush if you planned to take it by mid November, take it a bit earlier.
- If you were planning to take your lab in fall, and it is your first attempt, wait for the new lab. Update your gear to 7.0 and start working on speed...
- A new lab always mean new challenges... from all sides... you may want to wait a few weeks after the lab is released, time for the scenarios to be "stabilized". At this level, it is impossible to think of anything candidates can imagine when they read questions, and I have no doubt that during the first days the lab team will receive tens of questions and will change some questions wording so as to avoid any ambiguity... passing during these first few days is difficult because you may assume things from what you read, that are not what they expect. Wait a few days so that the wording becomes "imagination proof"...