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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lab version 2

Here it is! After months of rumors and non-disclosure secrets, the new CCIE W lab is anounced:

Key takeaways:
-the new version of the lab starts from November 18th 2011

- It is built on code v7.0 MR1, which adds to the lab MSE (wIPS and CAS), CleanAir, VideoStream, OfficeExtend, bandselect, and mesh.

If you have been working on the current version of the lab, this may look like scary news, but be aware that the core knowledge remains the same, you just need to get used to a slightly different WLC and WCS interface, with a couple more options available to configure. The new items listed are not that bad.
At the time of this post, the lab details (hardware and software) is not released yet, but I would bet for Autonomous IOS code 12.4, which will add a couple of minor new possibilities, and they will probably move away from ACS 4.2 to prefer a newer version, which implies finding your way back through the new menus...
I intend to start posting videos on this new lab during the summer! In between, some advice:
- If you were already planning to take the lab before November and it is not your first attempt, keep doing it, but do not rush! People who rush to take a lab before an exam change often are not ready enough to pass... and they won't give away the old version just because there is a new one coming. Only rush if you planned to take it by mid November, take it a bit earlier.
- If you were planning to take your lab in fall, and it is your first attempt, wait for the new lab. Update your gear to 7.0 and start working on speed...
- A new lab always mean new challenges... from all sides... you may want to wait a few weeks after the lab is released, time for the scenarios to be "stabilized". At this level, it is impossible to think of anything candidates can imagine when they read questions, and I have no doubt that during the first days the lab team will receive tens of questions and will change some questions wording so as to avoid any ambiguity... passing during these first few days is difficult because you may assume things from what you read, that are not what they expect. Wait a few days so that the wording becomes "imagination proof"...


  1. finally, v1.0 was scary!

  2. Lab dates in RTP for v1.0 are already filled up till Nov 15th... Passed my written this week, I should not have waited...

  3. hi sir
    I an a telecommunication engineer and I am in love with Wireless !

    I have my ccna and now I'm going to get ready for CCNA Wireless , but i'm scared !
    because I see there is no reference for CCNP wireless and I don't like to be in a way that has no end !
    I have visited ciscopress.com and I just found some quick reference ebooks , which is not enough !
    and searching some other related ciscopress books , I just found some books which were really good , but for 2004 or 2005 !!!

    I don't know if I have to go studying for ccna wireless exam , or get ready for CCNP R&S !

    ps: I am familiar with mobile telecommunication and I have worked with GSM and BTSs.

    I'm waiting for your respons


  4. Hey Yousef,
    You know, there are 50,000 CCNPs R&S, 15,000 CCIEs R&S, but less than 30 CCIEs Wireless so far, and only a few hundreds CCNP Wireless, because the curriculum is new... there are a lot of opportunities in wireless... if I were you, and if you like wireless, I would for CCNA wireless, then CCNP and IE wireless over the years!
    All the best

    1. Hey,

      Nice to hear you SAMARCANDE,

      like your way for motivation,

      I am CCNA wireless and doing CCNP wireless and i have 3 year experience in core networking voice, R&S, Security and wireless. and i want to do ccie in wireless but you can see there is no vendor for providing such materials for ccie wireless and there is no simulato and paid remote rack is too much costly so how we can prepare ccie wireless..any idea..or solution

  5. thnx for your attention
    but you didn't say which refrences and resources did you study for your ccnp wireless ?
    I'm really curious to know that before i'm going for ccna wireless (to be sure that this is the way)

    ps. Is there enough job uportunities for wireless ? because searching in jobwebsites , I could find almost nothin !

  6. To prepare for the CCNPW exam, your best friends are the WLC configuration guide v5.2 and a mini lab to practice... the quick references at Ciscopress contain all you need to know. They are a short format, but all the information is there...
    As for jobs, there are posting everyday on LinkedIn job boards as well as on cwnp... plenty of opportunities...

  7. ok that's fair enough !

    but here's more questions !

    1- I did download wlc v5.2 , but is that enough for getting ccnpw ? I mean for all 4 courses ?

    2- I have some student guide pdfs that seems nice , do you recommend them to study before reading quick references ?

    3- which devices the mini lab contains ?

    4- how much is the salary range for ccie wireless ? I know that it depends , but just give me a clue please !

    thnx a lot for your concern

  8. Hey Anonynmous,
    1. Yes, on the current version, 5.2 is perfect for all 4 courses.
    2. Definitely, the quick reference is a summary, you will remember more by reading the entire course...
    3. Do you mean the labs in the course?
    4. More than USD 100K of course, but then it depends on what other skills you have and the job requirements...

  9. What salary package gets for ccie wireless

  10. Hello Experts,

    I am CCNP Wireless and living in ND, India.
    I want go for CCIE Wireless.
    Could anyone provide me the LAB Topology and configuration pdf because purchasing is costing me too much and I can't afford them.

    Thanks & Regards,

  11. Hi Brijesh,
    Which configuration and topology are you talking about? If you are referring to those of the real lab, no one outside of the CCIE team has them, and no one from within the CCIE team will share them.
    On Cisco forum (https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-5278), you will find the hardware and software list, along with the topic list.
    Vendors such as Fast Lane (http://www.fastlaneus.com/) also have their own preparation material, and they can provide you with the topology they use with their material.
    hope this helps

  12. Hello sir,

    Great blog and that’s a great blog post topic! Its really helping people to improve their skills in CCIE Networking field. Great job, keep up the good work.

  13. hey! jerome
    i want to know about some dedicated paths for ccie wireless, i mean if we go for the ccie programs which workbooks to go for, and which books should we refer, secondly what is the scope after doing ccie wirless i mean what is the status of salaries companies offer these days???

    Amanpreet Singh Juneja

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