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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hide that LED

In some environments the nice blinking LEDs on our controller based access points are not welcome: in some hospital environments they are said to create panic related reaction with some patients, in some school they are said to attract too much attention... well, you may be asked to make sure that this AP LEDs are disabled.
This is a controller CLI command. To disable the LEDs for an AP called AP5 (check your AP names with show ap summary):
(Cisco Controller) >config ap led-state disable AP5

To disable LEDs on all APs:
(Cisco Controller) >config ap led-state disable all.

Nice and easy. As you can guess, use the config ap led-state enable to revert the command.


  1. is there any way to flash the led's in order to physically locate the ap? This is such a common feature on Aerohive, Ruckus and 3Com Aps that it's incredible this can't be done simply through the controller.

  2. In response to Anonymous, yes you can.

    Controller software release 4.0 or later releases enables you to flash the LEDs on an access point in order to locate it. All IOS lightweight access points support this feature.

    Enable the controller to send commands to the access point from its CLI by entering this command:
    debug ap enable Cisco_AP
    •Cause a specific access point to flash its LEDs for a specified number of seconds by entering this command:
    debug ap command “led flash seconds” Cisco_AP
    You can enter a value between 1 and 3600 seconds for the seconds parameter.
    •Disable LED flashing for a specific access point by entering this command:
    debug ap command “led flash disable” Cisco_AP
    This command disables LED flashing immediately. For example, if you run the previous command (with the seconds parameter set to 60 seconds) and then disable LED flashing after only 20 seconds, the access point’s LEDs stop flashing immediately.


    P.S. Jerome, got to love this blog. You rock dude :-)

  3. Same command works on Cisco Autonomous AP's
    #led flash seconds xx

  4. is possible block the blinking led when an access-point is not register with the WLC? I mean, when de AP is in "discovery" mode?

  5. Ah unfortunately, no, the "no LED" instruction is sent as a configuration item when the AP joins the WLC...

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